wilted buds
I have roses, clematis, and bearded iris that the buds look wilted/gooey/melted. some opened and others just shriveled up and got all slimy. I fertilized with a shake and feed 10-10-20 a couple of months ago. I've kept them watered ( I live in zone 5 ). I don't see any bugs or disease on them, what could this be? Also, I have a hibiscus with real tiny black spots on them, they don't seem to move, but look like bugs. thank you for your time, Sandi Pelton
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The flower buds that wilt and turn gooey before opening are being affected by disease. It may be botrytis blight, a type of fungus that is widespread during cool, cloudy, wet conditions. As weather conditions improve, it usually goes away on its own. It's also possible that bacterial disease can cause the symptoms you describe, although bacteria usually also create a foul-smelling odor. If you don't notice any bad smell with the gooey buds, it's most likely botrytis. You may help prevent the spread of these diseases by removing and destroying the affected buds.

Are the black spots on your hibiscus on the leaves, the stems, the flowers, or all plant parts? Are they raised bumps or sunken? They could be fungal leaf spots or scale insects depending on these details.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors