White powdery film
We recently purchased some Gerbera daisy's. We live in Southern California, and summer is very hot, but last year, with morning sun and afternoon shade, gerbera's did ok; the recently puchased gerbera's have developed a what appears to be a white powdery film on leaves and the produced flowers are not healthy at all. Any idea what this could be and how to treat? Thanks
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Thanks for writing. It sounds like powdery mildew, a very common disease. Help prevent powdery mildew by making sure your plants have good air circulation (don't plant them too closely together) and that the leaves stay dry (so try not to water them with a sprinkler).

If that doesn't help or it's not possible, you can try spraying your gerbera daisies with a fungicide labeled for use on powdery mildew.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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