Wrapping cedars in burlap for winter
We live in central Alberta, Canada Zone 3. We have planted Thuja Occidentalis Woodwardii Global Cedars and would like to know if we should wrap them in burlap for the winter. The winters up here can go down to minus 35 degrees celcius. Or what should we do to get them through this rigid winter. Thanks Judy Docherty
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Hi Judy,

Thanks for writing. Wrapping your plants in burlap can help prevent windburn or sunscald if your plants are growing up against the side of a wall or building.

Just as importantly, be sure your plants are well watered this fall. They'll get through the winter much better if they have plenty of moisture reserves stored up before the soil freezes. I'm not sure what your weather patterns have been like lately, but if you've not been getting rain, I'd definitely start watering them now until the end of the season.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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