White Spots/Sacs on Tree branches.
I have a tree growing in my front yard near my living room window. I'm not sure exactly what kind of tree it is but it blooms beautiful white flowers in the spring. Earlier in the summer, it developed these white spots/sacs all over it. Some are smaller and flat while others are bigger and filled with some type of goo. Not only has it attracted very angry hornets and wasps, the leaves are now turning black! What can I do? I don't want anything to happen to the tree!
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

It sounds as though your tree has mealybugs. These soft-bodied insects are covered in white waxy material. As they feed on the plant, sucking the plant sap, they excrete honeydew, a sticky, sugary substance that would attract ants and possibly yellow jackets. The black  coating that you see is sooty mold, a type of fungus which grows in the honeydew. If you can control the mealybugs, all the other problems should go away too. Because the mealybugs are wax-coated, it can be difficult to control them. Use an insecticide with a spreader-sticker, or use summer-weight horticultural oil to manage the mealybugs.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors