trumpet tree
I live here in fl..want to start a trumpet tree and a trumpet vine,,How's the best way of doing so. Also where can I buy them? I have a branch off a vine- can I start that some how? also have a sucker part of a tree-can that be started? thanks, dale
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Trumpet tree (Brugmansia or Datura) can easily be started from cuttings or suckers. Dig the sucker away from the base of the plant and pot it up into good soil. Water and keep it in the shade until it becomes established. Cuttings can be rooted in sandy soil or in water. Roots should appear within a few weeks. Be careful handling these plants as they are highly poisonous and can cause skin problems as well as more serious conditions. Always be certain that children are not allowed to ingest these plants.
Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) can be started from seeds (slow process) or suckers can be removed and potted up. These plants love the sun and are drought tolerant when established. You can probably buy both these plants at your local nursery or garden center, but if a friend has speciemens they are easy to progatagate yourself.

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