How to propagate lavender?
How can I make new starts from my lavender plants? I live in Zone 5 and set out 20 lavender plants last fall, in sandy soil and surrounded by white rocks. All but 1 survived the winter, and they're looking healthy and lush. To try and make new starts, I've taken the longest branches and held them down with heavy rocks to make soil contact. Am I on the right track? Or should I be doing this another way? Thanks for your advice!
Submitted by Charmain Devereaux

Hi, Well actually the best way is to take cuttings, dip them in some rooting hormone, and place them in small pots or flats filled with a soilless seed starting mix. Keep them slightly moist and out of direct sunlight. I don't think they'll root if you try laying the branches down under rocks. That works for some shrubs and roses, but I don't think it will work with lavender.

Answered by doug.jimerson