Invasive weed in coreopsis
For the past two years, my garden has had a orange vine like weed that starts in mid summer in my coreopsis and then spreads to the montauk daisies which ultimately never make it to september. the vine wraps around each bud to produce a white clump like "flower". I have tried to see where the weed/vine grows from but have not found a vine that goes into the ground so I think the coreopis has produced it somehow. Please help so I can stop this invader from destroying the garden this year.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The weed that you describe is dodder, an annual parasitic plant that derives its nourishment from other plants. It starts from seed each year, but is killed off by frost. Once the dodder has attached itself to the host plant you cannot remove it. (It attached by suction-cuplike suckers). You can cut it out by removing it and the host plant, but because seeds can lie dormant in the soil for several years, the problem likely will return in the future. The best time to control it is before or as it germinates in spring. A pre-emergent herbicide containing DCPA (Dacthal) or trifluraline (Treflan) is fairly effective in preventing germination. (Make certain that the perennials you use the herbicide near are on the label.) Some dodder seeds might escape the herbicide treatment, so keep a close watch for the first signs of the vining stems and remove them before they have a chance to flower and set seed.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors