invasive onion grass
I live in south central PA. Last year I dug & dug & dug many onion grass bulbs out of my flower beds. This year they have returned with a vengeance especially between my vinca vines. Other than starting the bed over is there any way to get rid of these? There are as many vines as weed...Help. Thanks Karen
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Wild onion is difficult to control, especially in a groundcover bed where no selective herbicide is labelled for use. The seeds and bulblets of wild onion can lie dormant for several years, so even if you get rid of all that are present (and that's almost impossible to do), they likely will resprout.

In a lawn you can use a combination herbicide that contains 2,4-D, MCPP, and dicamba, but this product should not be used around trees and shrubs. You can also spot treat with Roundup, but Roundup would kill lawn grass and vinca that it comes into contact with.  If you decide to start over in the infested area, you could spray the entire area with Roundup, wait several weeks for new bulbs to sprout, and spray again.

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Why on earth would you want to get rid of them when you pay money at the store for the domestic version of the onion grass. If you have this much of the onion grass you never need to buy pesticide covered and costly garlic or chives again.
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