truning brown
why are the tips of my hyacinth leafs turning brown
Submitted by jcp1

Hi, Hyacinths die back naturally and go dormant after blooming. The foliage will eventually all turn brown and die. At that time, you can remove the dead foliage. If your plant was in a pot ( a gift plant) then toss it. It will not rebloom or come back. If you have this plant already growing in  your garden, it should come back next year if you have a cold winter. Those that are forced to bloom in pots as gift plants, basically are done and not worth keeping.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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my hyacinths havenot bloom yet i just plant them this spring, thay came up about six inch all of audden the leaf star trun brown is it to much water are to little are something eace? my frist time trying to grow hyacinths thank you
Submitted by jcp1