Planting roots for shade garden
I am trying to grow a shade garden in zone 5. I ordered and received plant roots from a reputable online retailer. I ordered Amathyst Astilbe, Virginia Bluebells, Blue Pearl Polemonium, and Pink Lady Helleborus. I planted them the same day as directed. I mulched the following week. I've watered them regularly as directed, but it appears that only 1 astilbe is coming up. Did the mulch kill the roots? Am I being impatient? Should I be doing something else? Thank you!
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Thanks for writing. How long ago did you receive your bare-root perennials? If it was within two weeks or so, your plants may still be ramping up their growth.

If it's been more than three weeks or so, I'd guess something bad happened. You might carefully dig around one of the ones that doesn't appear to be coming up and take a look. See if the roots are firm and healthy, with new white roots.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by BHGgardenEditors