Fly infestation by the thousands
have lots of flyes and mosquitos like an infestation by the thousdands Iam growing watermelons and apricots are these pest atracted to it? I live in Dallas Tx
Submitted by rossi_montoya



Thanks for writing. In general, flies and mosquitoes aren't particularly attracted to one plant or another (though there are some flowers that smell like rotting meat that try to attract flies to pollinate them instead of butterflies or hummingbirds!), so these pests are likely coming from another source.

Mosquitoes need a source of standing water in order to reproduce, so look around your yard for anything where 2-3 inches or more of water can sit. If you have such places, empty the water out --- as it's probably full of baby mosquitoes.

There are insect repellents --- both organic and synthetic --- you can try. Some are applied to the yard and others you apply to your body, but they may help make these flying bugs less of a nuisance.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms