Landscaping near the shore
We purchased a 1925 cottage in a Ct. shore town. There is no foundation landscaping.What plants and shrubs can be planted to preserve the vintage look, but would also present a "beachy" look? The most exposed area faces south. There are no trees to provide shade until late afternoon. Help please to "tie it together"! I like hydrangeas, daisies, lilac. How about evergreens and those "grasses" that are popular now? Thank you.
Submitted by tmirsky

Hi, Well it's very difficult to landscape anyone's home via email. I suggest you go to our Plant Encyclopedia on this site and do an Advanced Search on your needs and you should get a planting list. Also, you can go to the Garden Design area of this site and look at over 200 garden plans that you can adapt to your own garden. Also, drive around your neighborhoods and see what plants work for other homes and visit your local nurseries and garden centers to see what plants are available.

Answered by doug.jimerson