Trees/Shrubs for Containers
I am in Zone 6 and would like to know what kinds of trees and shrubs can be grown in containers in a full sun location on my patio? Do not want fruit trees. Thank You!
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Within reason, anything that can be grown in the ground can be grown in a container.  I would avoid very large trees that will grow out of scale in a few years, and stick to compact selections of the shrubs that you enjoy. Your list could include: Hydrangeas, especially a lovely new selection called 'Little Lamb', butterfly bushes, especially the Nanho cultivars and patio selections in the English Butterfly series, weigelas especially 'My Monet', deutzia 'Nikko', abelia, caryopteris, red twig dogwood, flowering dogwood, dyers greenwood (Genista), lavender, rose of Sharon, sweetspire, and spirea. As any of these outgrow their space, don't hesitate to prune them back or transplant them into the garden and replace with younger plants.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors