Loss of verigation color
I have a hosta that has lost to lighter color line that went around the leaf. I have divided it many times and shared it with friends. (I do not know the name.) Also, I have a Siberian iris which as it has matured has lost a bit of its variegation. Any idea what's going on?
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It's not unusual for variegated plants to revert back to their solid color. (The variegation usually arises as a mutation from solid green.) The solid green forms of the plant are more vigorous than variegated ones, so once the reversion takes place, the solid form predominates unless it is "weeded out" and removed, allowing the variegated part of the plant to continue on without the competition.

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So, you should take out the solid green part or your whole plant will "revert" back to green. Dig it up, figure out where the green part is coming from and remove it roots and all. I had this happen with my variegated Joe Pye Weed and I just kept pulling out the "reverted" parts. It got the message: all variegated all the time!
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