Loosing flowers a lot
I got a fuchsias tree plant for a present and I put it in a shaded spot in the yard but moved it up to the deck where it would get more shade. It has been very warm here ever since 80-90's and it has been loosing a lot of it's flowers. I moved it again today so that it would be in a cooler spot but I am wondering if maybe I should put it indoors till the weather gets cooler? I live in Vancouver, WA other than loosing it's flowers it looks fine and I have keep it watered. Is this normal for it?
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Thanks for writing. Fuchsias do tend to drop their flowers when they're stressed. The heat may be causing part of it --- as might moving the plant from spot to spot. I'd pick one spot for it and leave it there. Let the plant rest during the hot spell; it should start to bloom well again once the heatwave passes.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors