crab grass
I have planted seeds in a uniform garden scape. But as the seedlings are growing so are the weeds, especially crab grass. Is there a way to spray and not kill the new seedling they are about 1' high. I should have started them in flats... we learn.. I need help. It's very overwhelming. thank you
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The best solution is to spot treat each weed with herbicide. You may use a sprayer as long as you use some kind of shield to protect the surrounding seedlings from drift. The simpler application method would be a "Weed Wand" that allows you to dab the herbicide right on the weeds. Weed Wand is a name brand for a long narrow tube with a sponge dab applicator on one end. If you attempt to pull the weeds by hand, you run the risk of disturbing/uprooting the tender seedlings nearby. The good news is that the initial major work in establishing a planting from seeds like this will pass. You're feeling overwhelmed by the weeds now, but keep at them. By next year, the problem will be a tiny fraction of what you're dealing with this year. The year after that your plants will be well established and the weed problem will be very light duty.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors