wild grape vine
I have what appears to be wild grape vines growing thru the small woods behind my house. It is growing on small tress and killing them. It is now getting clusters of berries. Thankfully it is killing the wild honeysuckle bushes. How do I get rid of the noxious wild grape vine? I know the birds will keep spreading it around but there must be some way to control it.
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Thanks for writing. If it's an old, established grape, your best bet will be to dig it out of the ground.

You can also try spraying it with a brushkiller, but if it's old and established, it'll probably sprout back again and need to be sprayed again a few times.

If you simply want to keep it under control, you can find its base and cut it back to the ground once or twice a year.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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