Many Unwanted Saplings
"We moved into a new home in late winter. I have started to repair severe neglect of the lawn and garden. Several large trees (multiple varieties) are in the front yard. I want to save some great plants that are starting to come up under one of the trees, however there are so many saplings (I would estimate 100 or so) that even raking the area of is impossible. What is the best way to remove the saplings? Is there anyway to save the plants? Thank you."
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The only way to work at this problem is one sapling at a time. The tiniest ones--less than a quarter-inch in diameter and one foot tall--may be pulled out with a pair of pliers. On the rest, cut them off at ground level with a pair of hand pruners and then dab the cut stub with undiluted brush killer. Brush killer is pricier than Roundup, but the bottle will last a long time when applied this way. Dab applicators, like one called Weed Wand, are inexpensive. They're basically plastic bottles with sponge-tip applicators. Be careful not to get any brush killer on the plants that you want to save. If you do, rinse it off immediately with water.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors