Uncontrolable trumpet vine-HELP
I have a trumpet vine that I purchased about 8-10 years ago. After quite sometime it finally started to grow and vine up around my deck posts (which I wanted-so I thought). Now this vine, which has only flowered twice (three flower bunches this year and two bunches two years ago), is spreading and overpowering my deck. I have cut it back both during the growing season and at the end of summer. It comes back, has spread to areas that I don't want it (including into the yard), and does not flower!
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Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) is such a rampant grower that it's what many gardeners would call invasive. It can send long runners underground and spring up eight or ten feet away from the original vine. You should be able to keep it tamed in the turf with regular mowing, but watch for it in distant landscape beds and tear it out whenever you find it. There are two things that may keep your trumpet vine from blooming--too much shade or too much high-nitrogen fertilizer nearby on the lawn.

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One thing you can do with all of those little sprouts throughout your yard is dig them up with as much of the root as possible, and give them to people that you are not particularly fond of. Works like a charm. LOL
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