Shrivelling Mandevilla
My mandevilla which was growing magnificently is suddenly dying! I transplanted it to a large pot on my patio where it gets plenty of sun. I watered it each evening. After a few weeks I gave it a little miracle grow and the next few days we had a lot of rain. After the rain the plant looked awful! Several leaves came off & since some of the vines turned brown and shrivelled up. I cut all the dead off. I don't know what happened. Fertilizer a bad idea? Too much water? Can I save it?
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Thanks for writing. If you were watering it every day and then got some heavy rains, it might have gotten too wet. When this happens, the roots start to suffocate and die. When roots die, the plant starts to lose leaves and new growth. If you think this is what happened, then letting the soil start to dry out between waterings will definitely help. By the way: Does the pot you planted it in have a drainage hole? If not, I'd definitely repot it in a container that does have drainage so exess water can escape.

The other thing that sounds possible is too much fertilizer. When you fed it, did you follow the directions on the package? Too much fertilizer will damage the roots --- and just like with too much water, the plant responds by losing new growth and leaves. If you think you might have used too much Miracle-Gro, the best thing you can do is run lots of water through the soil at one time. This will help dilute the fertilizer. Once it's diluted, the plant should start to grow new roots and then new shoots and leaves.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by BHGgardenEditors