Leaves falling off
I was given a gardenia as a gift. I planted it in my front yard just off the front porch. I used a good potting soil in the ground when I planted it, I have fertilized it. It's planted kinda in the corner where when it rains the rain comes off the roof where the gardenia is. The leaves are falling off and turning black. Help! Is it getting to much water or not enough? There were gardenia's at the house I moved from last year and I never had to do anything to them except prune them once in awhile
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

"Gardenias are rather sensitive to soil moisture conditions until they become established in the ground. Black leaves could come from either over- or underwatering. Check the soil in the old root ball. It should feel moist but not saturated.
It's also possible that the black leaves could come from a disease problem, although usually foliar diseases show up as spots on leaves first."

Answered by BHGgardenEditors