Passion Vine - leaves folding and turning yellow
I have a Lady Margaret passion vine that WAS beautiful! It was planted in the spring and was doing GREAT until about a month ago. The plant has 2 main vines at its base. About a month ago some of the leaves started yellowing and after investigation it was only from one of the main stems. Slowly all of the leaves turned brown so I trimmed back. Last week I removed all runners from the bad base. It seems as though the rest of the plant is yellowing and leaves folding. No change in routine.HELP
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Thanks for writing. It sounds as though your passionflower is infected with a disease --- but without being able to examine it in person, I really can't say what disease it is.

For more help, I'd take a sample of the affected leaves to the folks at your county's cooperative extension office --- the staff there should be able to help more if they can actually see what's going on.

Sorry I can't help more, but this free service really isn't suited to diagnosing plant problems like this because we need to actually see the plant.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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