Lack of blooms on Lantana Shrub
I have a lantana shrub in a container that is about 10 years old. I've been pruning it to give it a bonsai look. It has a 10 inch round trunk and is about 2 feet high. It has good green foliage, but very few blossoms (yellow and orange). I've tried feeding but read that lantana don't like to be fed during the blooming period, so I've held off feeding this season, still not many blossoms. Any suggestions? It is otherwise a very healthy plant.
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Thanks for writing. I'd feed your plant a little --- in containers there's no way for the soil to replenish its nutrients like it does in the ground, so if your plant has been in the pot for 10 years, I'd guess it's getting hungry. Has it been in the same pot for 10 years? It may need a bigger pot, too --- being rootbound can keep it from blooming well.

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