Lace-leaf japanese maple shrub
Hello, my son purchased a nice size lace-leaf Japanese maple for Mother's Day. It is not very tall but very full and about 4'tall. I believe that it is the Crimson variety. We only plan on being at our house for maybe another 2 yrs. Can I plant the shrub in it's container in the ground? And will withstand full sun?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

What a lovely present! Japanese maples make good container plants with a little planning. Your maple tree will need a large container, like a half-barrel, a shady location, and winter protection. Japanese maples grow best in filtered shade, like the dappled light under large trees. Protect it from strong afternoon sun and wind.  Keep the soil in the container moist, which means in hot weather you will need to check often. Uneven moisture will stunt the growth of the tree. If it gets too dry, there will be leaf damage. In your climate, you will need to protect the container from freezing. Bring it into a cool garage or sun porch where the dormant tree can overwinter safe from extreme temperatures that could damage the roots. Or bury the container, and  mulch or wrap the tree to protect it from freezing  and drying winds.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors