lace cap hydrangea
My lace cap hydrangeas receive a.m. and noon sun with afternoon shade the rest of the day. They don't produce many flowers and seem to receive the most damage from cold spells.. I do not trim them so I know that is not the problem.. my other hydrangeas (the regular mop head ones do well). They receive a.m. sun and are up against my house and yes they too get nipped by cold weather, but still produce healthy blooms. Also tell me about the new hydrangeas that bloom on new and old growth.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

"The lacecaps are quite susceptible to cold so that the winterbuds ge blasted. Try moving the lacecaps to where the mopheads are. I expect that they are sheltered from the worst of the winter weather by the house. The best known variety to bloom on both old and new wood is 'Endless Summer'. It  received a lot of press a couple of years ago. I have been growing it for 3 summers already and it blooms freely in my Zone 6 garden. Takes a lot of water in a south facing bed as one would expect. Others include 'Penny Mac, 'Oak Hill',  'Dooley', 'Decatur Blue', and 'David Ramsey' but I don't have personal experience with them. They are not reliably hardy in cold zones but should do well in Virginia.  All these are considered remontant or recurring bloom hydrangeas. Look for them in your nursery or ask your local nurseryman to get some for you to try.   

Answered by BHGgardenEditors