Landscaping design for planting beds along fenceline in a straight driveway
Hi! I'm desperate to change how my straight planting bed looks on my driveway/parking area. Hedges are growing on this strip of planting bed on the side of the fenceline which doesn't get too much sun since our house is facing north.I also have a rectangular planting bed in front of the windows of the living room. My planting beds look like a reversed "L" with the big area in the middle serving as driveway/parking area. How can I add curb appeal to my yard? What plants can I add/grow? Thanks.
Submitted by grandjdy



Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but without being able to see the area in person, I really can't give you specific landscaping advice. You might check out our online Plant Encyclopedia, though --- it will allow you to search for the perfect plants for that spot based on the amount of light, hardiness, etc. You can also search by other factors such as foliage/flower color, bloom season, deer resistance, etc.


If you want help combining plants, check out our collection of free garden plans. While we might not have something that fits your space exactly, it's easy to download a plan and cut sections out that do fit your space --- or rearrange plants in a plan so they do fit your spot.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms