Invasive trees/shrubs
"I have invasive (and very thorny!) trees on my property. They are so difficult to work with. All I've been able to do is cut sections of branches off at a time. How can I kill this tree so it doesn't come back? I think it's some kind of wild rose indigenous to the northeast... Karen Lehman"
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"Sounds like hawthorn, and yup, it's not a lot of fun to work with. They also tend to sucker up into thickets. Your best bet is to cut each stem to the base, then brush the stumps with a stump-killer solution available at garden supply houses and hardware stores. There are brush mowers specifically designed to chop down small woody plants, which is another way of handling this. One supplier is DR Power Equipment (

Luke Miller, editor
Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine"

Answered by BHGgardenEditors