Where to plant gladiolas
I planted 50 gladiolus in spring.The package said full sun.Tucson Az..Hot!!!!!.I planted groups around the yard.Full sun from sunrise 5:30-10:30.Then full sun from 3:00-sundown.Deep water 3 times a week 3A.M. .They don't look to happy. No flowers. I amended with potting soil and the dirt so that they could get used to the surrounding dirt.Cut them back when spent,transplant to sun or winter over?Plant in storage bins.How much water in winter?With fall plants on the top?Thank you.
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You say they don't look too good, but I'm not sure what that means. Glads do need full sun and plenty of water in areas like yours that get very high  temperatures. Blooms also depend on the size of the bulbs you bought to start with. Small bulbs, which are often those sold in bulk packages in home stores, aren't always large enough to really bloom well. It's best to buy the largest bulbs possible and plant them four to five inches deep. As the flowers fade (assuming they will bloom eventually--you don't say how long ago you planted them, but they should produce some type of flower eventually) clip them from the plant. Leave the foliage intact.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors