how to take care of tulips
When do tulips bloom? How to take care of tulips? How to grow tulips? When should i remove tulips bulbs?
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Tulips are spring bloomers, but their bloom time varies a lot by variety. Early bloomers are usually Species tulips while late blooming types are Darwin Hybrids. It totally depends on the variety you choose and a bit, on weather conditions and where you plant them in your yard. Tulips are easy. Plant in the fall in a sunny location according to label directions. Leave them alone and they'll bloom in the spring. All you need do is to leave them alone after they bloom so their foliage ripens and matures. After all the foliage has died down, you can move them to another location. Keep in mind that Species  tulips will come back again and again, but most of the showier varieties only are good for a year or two. After that, their bloom show begins to slow down or disappear.

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