Flowering vines in the shade
Is there such a thing as a flowering vine that will grow mostly in shade? It may get a little sun, but it would be very little. Particularly in zone 5.
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Sorry, but there's really no vine that will flower in the shade. The only plant I can think of that might work would be Dutchman's pipe. It's a vigorous perennial vine that can get by with less light. The flowers are not showy, but are hidden in the foliage. Most flowering vines require 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day."

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I live in Connecticut and have grown Autumn Clementis on the north side of our house with great success. It blooms tiny white blossoms in the fall. Just remember to cut them back either in the fall or the early spring or they will be climbing your roof the second year. I've also found climbing hydrangea to be successful in shady areas of our lawn, particularly on the east side where we have a trellis that divides our property from our neighbors. It gives a nice privacy fence that we both enjoy.
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