Shrubs for disguise
Can you recommend shrubs to disguise a chainlink fence about 20 ft long and 4 ft high? It's in medium shade and I'd like shrubs that are low maintenance and attractive all year around. Some evergreens are fine but I'd like deciduous ones, too, that blossom at different times, if possible. Slow-growing is OK. Deer aren't a problem! I don't know the soil quality but there were piles of decaying logs there before. I live in Putnam County, NY, which is Zone 6. Thanks again. Melissa Clayton
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Well there's a lot of different species you can work with  here. I'd start with Arborvitae for year-round greenery. These tall, narrow, hardy trees can grow 14 or so feet high and only be 4 feet wide at the base. Other deciduous shrubs could include viburnums, spireas, pussy willow, weigelas, forsythia, dogwood, clethra, and lilac. Go to our Plant Encyclopedia on this website and do an Advanced Search. This should come up with a list for you.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors