Holly's losing yellow leaves
"We have blue prince & princess holly's in our front yard around a bay window (zone 5). They're around 6 years old. We've lost 3 of the 5 bushes over the past 2 years. The leaves slowly turn yellow then fall off leaving a dead bush. Can you tell me what could be causing this problem so we can save the remaining 2 bushes and hopefully replace those we've lost? They looked really nice in the winter months. Thanks!"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The cause probably is in the soil--get a comprehensive soil test ASAP. Soggy soils and soils that are too alkaline are often the cause of holly failure. Hollies thrive on acid soils that are quite organic. You didn't say what the exposure is--hollies are understory woody plants and so may burn if there is too much sun and the soil is not organic and acid.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors
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I have the same problem (yellow leaves, then they turn brown and fall off, and it looks like those branches won't produce leaves again (but I don't know yet). I have 2 other Holly within 2 - 4 feet of it so it doesn't seem that it's the soil. It's been a very hot and dry summer so far. I started watering it every day when the leaves turned yellow. I have watered the other 2 once a week What should I do to save it?
Submitted by cbt16