The berries on our Holly are very small. Last fall the leaves started slowly turning brown. Is there something lacking in the soil. IT is quite sandy where they are. The other side of the property isn't should I move them in the spring? we only planted them a year ago.
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Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but without being able to see your holly plants in person, I can't say what the problem is -- or if the brown leaves are related to the small berries.

If the soil is very dry, I'd highly recommend spreading an inch or two of compost over the ground around your plants in spring and fall. This will act like a mulch and help the soil hold moisture longer. The compost will also decompose and add to the soil's structure, which will help it hold moisture even better.

If you want to have the plant diagnosed to see if the browning on the leaves is disease, you might bring a branch or two to the staff at your local county extension office. The staff there should be able to help better after seeing it in person.

Good luck. I hope this helps!

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