Growth of Weeping Cherry Tree
Several years ago my children gave me a "Weeping Cherry Tree". The branches are growing downward at a very fast rate, but the main trunk has not grown at all. Is this normal for this type of tree? Am I doing something wrong? I trim the downward branches several times each year to keep them from laying on the ground, should I be doing this? Help!!
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

You are doing everything correct. I've grown a couple of weeping cherries and had similar experiences. I pruned just once a year after blooming, removing dead branches and nipping back the longest ones that had begun to sweep the ground. It's pretty common for transplanted trees, especially the ones with a caliper greater than two inches, to spend several years establishing their root systems before growing in trunk girth. One of my weeping cherries in particular grew a terrific and vigorous canopy right after transplant but it was three or four years before the trunk caliper thickened. If you haven't already mulched the tree, add a 3-inch-thick layer of organic mulch like shredded cedar or cypress. The ideal mulch ring extends out to the dripline of the branches. Mulch will aid the root system and prevent bruising of the trunk if the lawn mower gets too close.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors