Growing Euonymus Shrub in Containers
We live in Zone 5 (Maine) and would like to plant a Raulston's Gold Euonymus Shrub in a large container. Can this Shrub and container be left outdoors during the winter (covered or not) up against the house, or should it be stored in a cellar, garage, etc.? Is any maintenance required over the winter? Thank you.
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Thanks for writing. If you have a large container (48 inches or more in diameter), your euonymus should be able to survive the winter outdoors. But if your container is smaller than that, it's best to move it to a sheltered spot, such as an unheated garage or shed for the winter.

It doesn't require any special care --- except you do need to water it periodically if you move it to a spot where it won't get snowed/rained on. Don't let it completely dry out over winter.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, "

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