what is eating my flowers?
I was wondering if rabbits eat Dianthus and snapdragons something has ate my Dianthus and snapdragons all the way down. And what could I do or put down to stop them from doing this? Any suggestions would help me, thanks!
Submitted by rexinec

Hi, Yes, rabbits and other creatures will dine on these plants, although they generally aren't their favorites, but if they are eaten right to the ground and this happened quickly, then I'd suspect them. All you can do is fence you garden with chicken wire and/or protect particular plants or small areas with a spray repellent. Both the Messina company and the Liquid Fence company make spray repellents that work pretty well on small areas. I've seen both for sale at Lowe's, Home Depot, garden centers, etc.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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Sometimes human hair will get them out of your flowers.
Submitted by lsteiner_63141