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bought Rose of Sharon in the spring along with butterfly bushes. The bushes have quadrupled in height and the Rose of Sharon hasn't grown an inch. It's planted in full sun. Watered weekly or more depending on the temperature and rainfall. It's a Blue Rose of Sharon and has had 4 gorgeous blue blooms. What's normal growth for it? How much water does it require? Fertilizer? How do I protect it over the winter? I live in southwest Ohio. Donna
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Rose of sharon is a tough plant that should need no special protection over winter in your area. It likes moderately moist soil, but tolerates dry conditions quite well. To help ensure its survival this first winter, make certain that it is watered well going into winter.

It's not unusual for a woody plant to put on very little growth its first year. The old adage ""The first year it sleeps; the second year it creeps; and the third year it leaps"" often holds true.

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You have to deadhead the flower and the seed pod underneath at the end of summer to keep the seed pod from developing and dropping the seeds.
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I have the opposite problem, I have 100's of seedlings coming up in my yard. This is NOT an exaggeration, I pulled 40 seedlings yesterday from a small 4x1They are taking over. How do I stop this from happening
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