Purchase Trees Online?
I am interested in purchasing some Yoshino Cherry Trees, but do not want to spend $100 per tree. Is there a reputable web site that you know of to buy trees online? Would you recommend purchasing trees online? What might one expect to receive when doing so? Thank you!
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

After searching through perhaps 50 catalogs, the only one I found with Yoshino Cherry (Prunus yedoensis) is Forest Farm in Williams, Oregon, www.forestfarm.com, 541-846-7269. Forest Farm has an outstanding reputation. You can find lots of other online nurseries at www.mailordergardening.com, but I looked at catalogs for most of the companies listed there and didn’t find Yoshino Cherries. Generally when you order online, can expect to get bare-root plants with their roots packaged in damp shredded material. They need to be planted right away or, if necessary, kept in a cool dark place for a short time and planted as soon as possible. Most of the time the plant material you buy online is smaller than the container or B&B plants in garden centers. However, one university study found that within just three years, skinny “whip” trees caught up with 3-inch caliper trees planted at the same time. Researchers theorized that the smaller trees recovered from the transplant shock and started growing in their new environment right away, while the larger caliper trees struggled with the transplant shock and hardly grew at all for the first few years.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors