How to care for a zebrina malva
I have a zebrina malva which is growing great. When I bought it I thought it was like a bush but to my surprise I don't think it is. Now I need to know how to take proper care of it. Right now it's laying on the ground and spreading out like something else. How do I cut it back and when or do I stake it up? I'm in need of help. It's such a beautiful plant I don't want to kill it.
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This member of the hollyhock family generally stands up on its own, but it can also be kind of floppy. I would just use bamboo canes to surround the plant and tie it up. Keep in mind that this is an annual flower that will die back in the fall. However, these plants like to self sow freely so you may find many baby ones in your garden next year. Just be sure it's in a sunny spot. It's pretty tough and doesn't require much assistance. In fact, I haven't planted it for years and am still finding it--I even  have one that sprouted up in my horse pasture close to the compost pile.

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When I bought my Malva 'Zebrina', I was told that it is a short lived perennial and to let some flowers go to seed to ensure "perennialization". It has come back for three seasons and has sent seeds throughout my neighborhood - much to the delight, and some chagrin, of my neighbors!
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