Hot dry area
I have a strip of dirt between my brick house and my brick paved patio, this area gets a lot of reflected heat from the brick wall behind it and the brick patio in front of it in the summer. What would be some good plants that I could put there that wouldn't wilt in the heat without needing watering more than once a day ? I would prefer perennials so that I wouldn't have to plant every year.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Perennials like Autumn Joy Sedum, Yarrow (Achillea species), Bellflower (Campanula persicifolia), Evening Primrose (Oenothera species), and Golden Marguerite (Anthemis tinctoria) would thrive in that hot spot. Nasturtium is tough annual for hot, dry sites surrounded by the reflected heat of concrete and brick, and you can sow seeds directly in the ground.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors