Hibiscus care
I have long row of red Hibiscus plants that typically bloom profusely every year. This year they seemed diseased or lifeless. Blooms would just drop off instead of opening up. Why? When is the best time to prune back? Should I amend the soil with compost or fertilize?
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Bud blast on hibiscus (turning yellow and dropping off rather than opening up properly) is usually related to low humidity, although it's certainly possible that your hibiscus contracted some fungal disease that caused the buds to drop. Did you see any spots on the foliage? Hibiscus love lots of moisture, so keeping them watered well is one of the best ways to keep them happy.

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I had this happen to one of my perennial hisiscus plants. In looking closley I found very small orange with black bugs. A local nursery informed me these bugs worked like weevils, and adivised me to purchase a soapy flower product to kill the bugs. Lowe's was able to direct me to what I needed, which did the trick. I have not had this problem again.
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