Hibiscus buds falling off
I have a double hibiscus. It was blooming when I bought it and I've had it for 3-4 weeks. I put it in a pot outside facing south. I water it every other day or more. There are plenty of buds on it, but before they can open, they fall off. I have it in Miracle-Gro soil. What should I do?
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Double-flowering hibiscus is more prone to bud-drop than other types. If temperatures in your area are in the 90s or above, that can be causing the condition. Make sure the plant gets shade in midday and the hottest part of the afternoon. Fertilize it with diluted liquid fertilizer weekly (a balanced fertilizer high in potassium 20-20-20 is good) and water evenly, not too much or too little.

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This tip might be helpful. I also have had several double Hibiscus in pots, and mine often have the bud drop problem. The last one I bought is about 2 weeks old, and it has dropped 4 or 5 buds. Here's something I've learned from researching this problem. Hibiscus hates any environmental change, so just relocating it from a nursery to your patio causes stress. Repotting also causes stress. But the biggest thing is this: Do NOT turn your hibiscus pot while it is in bud! We often want to turn our pots so that the plant grows more evenly on all sides, but you cannot do this to a Hibiscus in bud. If you do, the buds will fall off. Probably has to do with the heavy bud being forced to grow in a different direction toward the sun; this bends the bud stem, and off comes the bud! Wait to turn your Hibiscus plant until there are no, or only a few, very small buds. If you must turn it or move it while the buds are large, turn it no more than 1/4 turn each day. You rarely read about this tip, but it's SO important with double Hibiscus. Good luck with yours!
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