Hibiscus and other perrenials
What is the best garden plan to plant hibiscus and other perennials? I have 10 different colors of hibiscus mixed with coneflowers; the coneflowers just about take my flower bed over. I pull a lot of them up every spring and give them to other people. They all bloom at the same time and are really pretty but I would like something different with my hibiscus that bloom at the same time. I need a garden plan for where to plant all of them and don't know how to rearrange it.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

There are many different garden plans to choose from at www.bhg.com. Perhaps you need a foliage backdrop for the coneflowers; try some natural garsses for texture between them and the hibiscus. As for plants that bloom at the same time, and like the same rich, well-drained soil conditions with regular water, try out some annuals like zinnias.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors