Elephant Ear Bulb sprouting
After you plant an Elephant Ear Bulb in temps from 60* to 85* about how long does it take for the shoots to start coming up. This is our first time growing one and I don't know how to long to wait before I start to worry that it won't grow. Also which side should I plant facing up. The side with the circles on it, or the side with the spots that look like either big roots were cut off or maybe shoots have come up from those spots. Thank You..
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Elephant Ear bulbs will spend about three weeks growing roots before you'll notice any activity above ground. The end with the concentric circles is the top. If you're ever in doubt about which end is up, plant a bulb on its side and it'll send the green up and roots down.

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How can I save my elephant ear plant this year and plant it again next year?
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