Crocus doesn't bloom
I planted crocus several years ago (10 years) but they have never bloomed. Do I need to dig them up and replant? They get leaves but no blooms.
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At this mature state they will probably never bloom. In fact, I'm surprised they still send up foliage. I'd replant new bulbs next fall. Be sure to plant them in a sunny, well drained spot. Crocus should last and bloom for several years, but 10 years is a long time for any bulb to remain blooming.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors
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When I plant tulip bulbs in the fall, they flower in the spring the first year, and that's it. The foliage doesn't come back, and I have no tulips. Or the foliage comes up, but they don't flower. I know squirrels eat bulbs, so I tried putting the plastic strawberry baskets over the bulbs to keep the squirrels and/or moles from eating them. They still don't come up. What's the best way to keep tulip or other flower bulbs from being eaten? What happens to my tulip bulbs?
Submitted by tmorris746