container bulbs
Hi, I have daffodils and irises in planters which are lovely in spring-early summer. I was wondering could I also plant summer-autum flowering bulbs in the same planters, or would they affect the spring flowering bulbs. Which bulbs,if any would you suggest. The planter would have be approx 12" wide. I live by the sea, which is quite windy. Thanks
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest


Thanks for writing. If you replant your spring-blooming bulbs every year, you can enjoy summer bulbs --- just plant them after your tulips and daffodils have faded. However, if your tulips and daffodils are perennials in your container, then you probably cannot keep summer bulbs as perennials because of your climate. (Spring bulbs need more winter cold than many summer bulbs will tolerate.)

As far as summer-blooming bulbs, check out this slideshow and see which ones you like best!

Answered by BHGgardenEditors