Care of tubers
I have never worked with tubers before. I believe them to be miribilis (sp?). I understand you merely dig them up (mine are in large containers) and put them in a frost-free place for the winter. How exactly do you store them? In dirt, dirt in plastic bags, dirt in open smaller containers? I really have no idea of what to do with them after I dig them up. I do have storage sheds outside, is that too cold for them? We live in Central, upstate NY. Thank you for any advice you can give.
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There are several species of Mirabilis. Some are hardy, but the most commonly grown one is  Mirabilis jalapa, commonly called 4 o-clock or Marvel of Peru, and it is not hardy in Zones colder than Zones 10 and 11.
You can dig the tubers and store them in sphagnum moss or vermiculite in a cool, dry location. Temperatures around 50 degrees are ideal.
It's also quite easy to start 4 o'clock from seed, so you may want to simply collect some of their seeds and plant them from seed next year.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors