when are winter squash ready to harvest
"Hi , I live in canton ohio . I am growing two types of winter squash - Acorn , and Butternut . I am having difficulty determining when to pick these fruits. Both appear ready to me , but I feel it is too early based on what I have read . The butternuts are about 8 "" long and look nice and tan . The Acorns are about 6 "" and diameter and dark green . Are these ready to pick ? What should I be looking for ? DO I have to pick these now or can I let them on the vine until fall time ? Thank you
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It's best to leave winter squash on the vine until they form a hard rind. A good test is to try to puncture the rind with your fingernail. If you can't poke into the squash very readily, it is ready to harvest. Generally, the longer that the squash remains on the plant, the sweeter it will be.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors