what can i grow
i live in NC. I am starting a fall garden what can i plant in it. I have been told so many different things. I start by tilling the dirt and that what i have a spot of dirt. also how do i keep my grass from growing back a few piece have come up already.
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"If the grass is a perennial grass (such as quackgrass, Bermudagrass, or fescue), it's best to kill it before tilling by spraying it with glyphosate (Roundup) and waiting a week to till the area. If the grasses are annuals (like  crabgrass, foxtail, or goosegrass), you can use mulch to prevent it from germinating or hoe it out as it sprouts. Mulch will also help suppress perennial grasses, but they may still grow through the mulch.

Cool season vegetables that you can grow in the fall include salad crops such as lettuce, spinach, and mesclun; cole crops such as cabbage, broccoli, collards, and kale; peas, green onions, turnips, and radishes."

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