Vegetables next to each other
what vegetables can you plant next to each other
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There are no hard and fast rules here. Your best bet is to put cool season veggies such as lettuce, spinach, and peas together because you harvest them all before hot weather. That will leave you space to plant other crops later on. It's also best to rotate crops like tomatoes and potatoes from year to year so you don't get a build-up of disease in one location. "

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plant Basil and Peppers also and I plant parsley with my Tomatoes and it keeps bug off also.
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I've been planting sweet basils right next to my tomatoes (any variety) as I noticed that the tomatoes taste a lot better and smell good too. Ive done this for 5 years now and every year, I make sure I have tomatoes with basil and tomatoes without basil in the same planting area and everytime I taste them, there is really a difference to the taste and flavor. Try it, you'll be amazed.
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I don't remember all the vegetables that can't be planted together but BHG should know this answer. snow peas should not be planted next to the onion family for instance.
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Wow . . . I'm guessing that this isn't a great place to get reliable answers. Yes, of course there are some "rules" about what veggies to plant near each other and which to keep away! I'm really surprised that the gardening experts would leave that important piece of information out of their reply. Try "The Vegetable Gardener's Bible" by Smith for one good section on this.
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why does tomatoes get blite.
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You can do a search online for companion planting or companion gardening. I have been using this method to cut down on pesticieds and it seems to work pretty good!
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asparagus, garlic, chives, horseradish, rhurbarb, strawberries, Egyptian Onions a/k/a Walking Onions.
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Find, buy & read "Carrots Love Tomatoes' - about compamion planting - it may well become your Garden Bible as it has become mine;-) mycoffeeporch in So. Dak. - Zone 4.
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